Sunday, March 25, 2012

Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Who would have thought that I would enjoy getting meals prepared. It's 
important to me that my family eats a nutritious meal, because I  want to teach
my children the importance of being healthy.  When searching for a meal,  I make
sure that veggies are incorporated. I also make sure that each meal will carry
over for the next day. Here's a few tips to promote healthy childhood eating.

  • Have regular family meals. Knowing dinner is served at the same time every night and that the entire family will be sitting down together is comforting.  Breakfast is also another great time for a family meal.
  • Cook more meals at home.  My goal is to make sure I prepare meals for the week and limit dining out once a week. Eating home cooked meals is healthier for the whole family and sets a great example for kids about the importance of food.
  • Get kids involved. My son enjoys picking up food to put in the cart, which is a perfect time to learn about fruit and veggies. It gives you a chance to teach them about the nutritional values of different foods.
  • Make a variety of healthy snacks available instead of empty calorie snacks.  I like to keep plenty of fruit and veggies around and healthy beverages (water, milk, and pure fruit juice).
  • Don't ban sweets entirely. Having no sweets rule is an invitation for cravings and overindulging when given the chance.

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