Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moisture and Protein


Hair needs water to maintain its elasticity, or ability to stretch. Since water is the ultimate moisturizer, water-based products are best for really getting the greatest moisture benefit.
Moisturizers are  products that are water-based and nourish your hair deep within the strand. Products with moisturizing properties tend to be your conditioners and other specific moisturizer sprays or creams. Moisturizers may also contain large amounts of protein, but these protein based moisturizers do not have the moisturizing benefit that moisture-based moisturizers have. You want to find moisturizers that will not contain filler ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, or lanolin. Avoid products that state moisturizing benefits and contain these ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oil. These ingredients cannot do anything for the hair. They are sealants that seal out the moisture our hair needs.

Hair is about 70% keratin protein. With that being said,  services such as color, and pressing, flat-ironing, curling and etc, can also result in the damage of protein bonds. Protein is key in helping to minimize, and even prevent breakage at the line of demarcation [the area where your new growth, meets relaxed hair).
 Protein-based products reinforce the hair shaft, and help it remain strong enough to fight breakage.
Some proteins are stronger than others, but daily or even weekly use of even the milder protein treatments may result in an imbalance between the protein and moisture levels within the hair strands in some people.  You have to play around with different products to know how strong they are on your particular hair. Your hair protein tolerance will vary from product to product, not necessarily protein to protein.

Recommended Products for Protein
 Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor, Aphogee Treatment for Damaged  Hair, Aubrey Organics GPB, Cantu Shea Butter Break Cure, Egg and Mayonnaise, and  2+1 by Sebastian.

I can't speak for all of these products except the Aubrey Organics GPB. I've heard great things about these products, but be careful with the Aphogee. Aphogee is more stronger than your normal protein treatment. Aubrey Organic GPB is a more milder treatment.  

Recommended Products for Moisture
Herbal Essence (Hello Hydration), Paul Mitchell the conditioner (leave in conditioner), Shea Moisture (leave in conditioner), Giovanni Direct, and Amla & Olive Heavy Cream Qhemet Biologics.

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