Friday, March 23, 2012

Night Time Routine

Everyone should try to make an effort to protect their hair at night, so it can
be manageable the next day. Here's a few guidelines you should do to protect
your hair at night.
For a Flat twist out (more defined)
I like to apply oil on the ends of my hair and stuff the hair under a bonnet.

For a Two-Strand twist out
Since the hair is not that defined, I like to continue to twist my hair every other night wearing at least 20 to 30 twists with perm rods on the end. I continue to apply the leave in conditioner and unrefined shea butter to the hair. I like to wear a satin scarf to smooth the edges and roots and then stuff the hair under the bonnet. If you are not a fan of the bonnet, it would be a good idea to purchase a satin pillow case.  Retwisting the hair at night  helps hair become tangle free and it also helps reduce breakage.

Too tired to twist
Believe me, I do have nights where I am too tired to do anything to my hair. On days like that, I like to wear my hair in a pony tail like the picture below.

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  1. Im having a case of major hair envy! If only my twist outs would look like this! I think I need to try flat twists and see how I like it.