Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Top 5 Hair Accessories

Hey beautiful people!

People always ask me about my hair accessories, so I decided to share my Top 5.  Wearing natural hair, I realized that hair accessories are becoming a very close friend of mine, lol!! I noticed every hair accessory I wore, my "Big Hair" loved it!!  When you're having a bad hair day, it makes everything better. :)

My Top 5 Hair Accessories

Embellished Headbands- These headbands make my hair really stand out, especially with ponytails.
Goody Ouchless Headbands -I like to use these headbands for pony tail holders.
Hair Scarves - You can never go wrong with wearing colorful hair scarves as headbands. You can find so many vibrant colors.
Bobby pins- I love to use bobby pins for a cute pin up style or to help with pinning my bun. Bobby pins will forever be a staple when working with natural hair! :)
Basic Headband - Every naturalista should have a basic headband that they love to wear.

Where can I find Hair Accessories?
 Wherever I am, if there's a cute hair accessory, I must have it! I'm not partial to one store, but here's a couple of stores where you can't go wrong.
Target-  It's something about that store that gets me excited about shopping, lol!! Maybe it's the colors, but sometimes I can find really cute embellished headbands. Of course you can also find the other accessories that are listed.
Charming Charlie - Besides cute jewelry, you can also find colorful floral or embellished headbands in all colors!

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