Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

8 months pregnant with my second child

9 months pregnant with my first child
It's been a year since I had my little girl and I am very pleased with my weight. With both of my kids, I gained a whopping 80 lbs. After having a c-section with my first child, I didn't realize the amount of weight I gained until I got home from the hospital.  I knew something had to be done. I started researching about calorie intake and exercising and that was the magic pill!!! As soon as I returned to work, I was ready to get back to my regular self again. It took a lot of determination and a drive to lose the weight. With both kids, I weighed 180 lbs and in 5 months I was back down to 126 lbs. I've made this a life style and if I don't work out, I don't feel right. LOL!

Check out this website at This website is a great tool to use when losing weight and it also helps with maintaining your calorie intake.

 Tips that will help you shed the pounds in a healthy way:

  • Setting a goal- It's important to have a goal to know what you're working towards. This will give you motivation and a drive to succeed. 
  • Diary of what you eat- I know this sounds silly, but it's important to write down everything you eat. This will help you keep up with what you're eating and also help maintain your calorie intake.
  • Calorie Intake-Everything in moderation. You don't want to eat a 500 calorie burger and then 400 calorie fries. You want to be mindful of how many calories you are eating. For me, I took in 1200 calories a day. I ate 6 healthy meals each day.
  • Cardio- Running is the best cardio to lose the weight quickly, but if you are not able to run, try the elliptical or walking. I ran on the tread mill everyday, burning 500 calories. 
  • Drinking lots of Water- Water should be your best friend! Water should be all you drink, especially if you're on a mission to lose the weight. Okay, I sound very strict right now, but if you really want to see a change in your body, take a break from the soft drinks. Water also helps with becoming full and if you drink ice cold water, you're burning calories! :)
  • Vegetables- Vegetables will forever be a part of my diet. With losing weight, I would fill majority of my plate with a spinach salad (cucumbers and vinaigrette dressing only) and a fist size of anything else. I really believe spinach helped my hair to grow!!
  • Low Calorie Snacks- Try eating snacks that are less than 100 calories.
  • Check Your Nutrition Facts- This is so important to do! In the grocery store, you can see "all natural" on the box or a statement that says "healthy", but you look at the back of the box and it's loaded with calories, sugar, and fat. I've definitely made this into a habit!
  • Don't Deprive yourself- Even though I counted calories, I didn't deprive myself.  This should keep you from binging on higher-calorie foods.


  1. Good post! Dana you are such an inspiration for all the other FAB moms! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for posting this Dana! I really needed to hear this from another mother who has actually lost the weight. My girls are 2 years old and 9 months and I desperately need to shed my baby weight. I didn't want to go on a diet though. I want to make lifestyle changes, and the things that you have posted will be a great start for me.

  3. Thank you all!! Bridget, I'm glad I'm able to help you girl! That's why I was driven to create this blog!! :)

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