Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So today I felt really good about life!!! My husband and I took the time to run outside with the kids. We played basketball, football, jumped on the trampoline, and more!!  It felt really good to spend that time with my family.  Sometimes as parents, we get so carried away with our daily tasks that we forget to make time with our kids.  In my home, it's important that we take the time as a family to spend quality time together.  Life is too short, and I definitely don't want to spend it cleaning and working all day.  I'm the type of person that wants to make sure the kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, the bathrooms are clean, and so on, but if I'm always cleaning, I will never have the time to relax with my family.  Here are several steps that have helped me along the way. How do you balance work and family?

  • ESTABLISH YOUR PRIORITIES:  You have to realize what's important to you.  Everything was important to me, but I had to figure out a plan.
  •  CREATE A LIST OF GOALS:  I love to make a list for everything.  It makes planning a breeze.  When I make a list, I'm able to get everything done and still manage to have extra time.  Families grow so fast that we make plans to do things with and for the family, but they never come into fruition, so if you write your goals for your family, I guarantee that they will come to past. 
  •  DEVELOP YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT ABILITIES: Organization is key!!  If you organize well, there should be no reason why you're not able to spend time with your kids.  Do one chore and then take a break with the family.  Setting a timer for 15 to 20 minutes is a great idea.  This will allow you to get the chores done and still make time for the kids.  This also helps because you don't want to overspend that time cleaning or on social media. 
  •  EMPLOY YOUR KIDS: My kids are getting to the age where they can start helping Mommy and Daddy with chores.  It's important that they learn because it teaches them responsibility and this will be a great habit that will grow with them.  My husband and I also have their toys organized to make cleaning go smoothly. 

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