Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Day of First Grade and K-4

Happy Thursday!!

Today was a challenging day as  I dropped my sweet babies to school.  This is their first day at a brand new school.  As my children walked into the building, you could sense the nervousness on them. They didn't know anyone, but I made sure to let them know that God is with them and he will never leave them or forsake them.

Last year, my children attended a Christian school that was great. My daughter was in the pre-k program and my son attended the private school. Earlier in the year, I told my son that he will be attending a public school for the next school year and he felt so nervous because he realized that some of the kids at public school do not know Jesus. When I heard that, I felt all types of emotions. I quickly said to him that God wants you to be able to share Jesus with other kids. It really made me think of what we all should be doing. Their is no age requirement when sharing the love of Jesus. At the end of the day that's why we're here.

Time is going by so fast, so I'm trying to enjoy every moment with them. I pray that they are enjoying their first day and can feel God's presence.

At least they were smiling before we left.