Sunday, January 31, 2016

4 Ways to Stretch Hair

Hey Naturalistas!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I've been enjoying mine and also this lovely weather. We had a high of 66 degrees today and it was really nice. My daughter and I also had a great hair day! No humidity equals a great hair day for anyone regardless if you're relaxed or natural. Which brings me to my subject about stretching the hair. I normally don't wear wet and go hair for many different reasons. I tend to have more tangles wearing that style and it doesn't last long at all. I will forever be a Braid out and Bun girl!  When I wear my hair in braid outs, I have less tangles and less shedding and I'm able to actually detangle the hair and of course I have more length to play with. Blowing drying the hair will stretch the hair, but I wouldn't recommend doing that to your hair on a daily basis.  So with that being said, I would like to share 4 ways you can stretch your hair without heat.

  • Braid Outs- Of course, braid outs would be my number 1 choice of all times. Braid outs take less time to do and your hair is stretched to give you more length.  I love that when I braid my hair the next day, it has less tangles.

  • Twist Outs- Twist outs are very similar to braid outs. Twist outs is a style where you twist the hair instead of braiding. You will receive stretched deep waves.

  • Buns-  Buns will always be a part of my regimen. I love to wear my hair in a bun after I wash  my   hair.  This allows the hair to stretch for a couple of days until I begin my braid out plus it's a simple protective style.

  • Banding- I love to band my daughter's hair after wash days or during the week. This style consists of using 5 or 6 hair ties on the pony tail elongating the hair.  

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