Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas on the Beach

Hey Naturalistas!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I definitely enjoyed mine!! God truly smiled on us with the weather considering that it rained everywhere else. It was suppose to rain the entire time, but God saw fit to keep sunshine on us each day. Our family trip was everything I expected and more.  I decided that I would bless my family including my parents, siblings, and grandmother with 3 nights on Pensacola Beach. We stayed at this amazing beach house that was perfect for my family. There was peace and great laughter the entire time. I have to say this was one of the best holidays!  I didn't have to receive one gift, because my gift was being with my family. That was the best gift ever! I thank God for blessing us with a wonderful Christmas. I hope everyone  enjoyed their holidays and now ready to make 2016 a great one!!! I have a few pictures to share of my holidays.

We even had time to do a family photo shoot!!
My Brother in love shooting my Mom's first music video!
Grandma was so excited! Truly a gift!
Christmas Breakfast
Mom shooting her first music video!! Exciting

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