Thursday, March 31, 2016

Don't Give up on God

Hey Naturalistas!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Resurrection weekend. My weekend was nothing short than a miracle on Easter  Resurrection weekend. Yes, I said miracle!! God really showed up and showed out!!! I will start by saying last month, I had a dream that it would take us 2 days to sell our home. Well, I wasn't sure how to take that. I wanted to believe it, but I just didn't think that was real. My husband quickly got me out of that mind set and open my eyes. God was already dealing with us about selling our home.  We definitely had peace about it and knew that it would sell when God saw fit. Well, the day we met with our agent, my husband never forgot the dream and even told the agent that this house will sell in 2 days because of my dream.  I'm looking at him in embarrassment, and then I caught myself once again. My faith was drifting and I definitely had to give myself a pep talk. God can do the unthinkable and when he sees you have faith he will grant you your heart's desires. Well, on Good Friday around 11:30, we put our home on the market. My husband was ready to start counting down, which made me a little nervous. He was so excited and ready! I was just amazed to see him with so much faith, which inspired me.

The very next morning, we get a call for a showing at 2:20. We got up quick to make sure the house was tidy and ready to be seen. Once we finished, all of sudden around 11:30, the doorbell rings. We didn't think nothing of it. We figured it was a neighbor or UPS delivering a package, but to our surprise it was a realtor and a buyer ready to make an offer on our home! I was in total shocked and just confused ( I shouldn't have been because God already revealed it). The agent said they tried to call our agent, but couldn't get in touch with him, so they had to come straight to the house. Now you know that is nothing but God!! After they saw our home, they sent their offer that evening. We countered offer and they accepted our offer at 11:30 Easter morning!  Do you see how God works! It literally took exactly 2 days! As I write this, all I can do is give God glory and let you know that whatever you're going through or want God to do, don't give up. God will answer!

If you ever feel God isn't listening to your prayers, please don't give up on God because he hears every word you say. He knows your heart's desires. Don't ever think God can't do the impossible. The person that made an offer on my home didn't even have an appt. God will do the unthinkable! Just trust him!!!