Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time to get back to the Basics

Since we're writing goals and trying to get off to a great start, I feel this is a perfect time to get back to the basics of healthy hair. I have really seen changes with my hair that I am not happy with. I got comfortable and just didn't care as much. I regret doing that, and now I'm ready to make a change and really see what my hair is capable of doing. Once I achieved waist length, I gave up on the health of the hair. Growing hair is great, but the health of your hair as well as retaining length is what's important. Not only will I focus on my hair, but as you all know I have a daughter with the same amount of hair that needs TLC as well. I honestly feel I let it go because of working with 2 heads, but that's another story. Creating a schedule is the beginning of healthy hair. This will allow me to make sure I give the hair the nourishment it needs on that day and everything else will follow through. Below are the steps that I will take for my hair.

Co-Wash Day- Every other Sunday ( I will section the hair into 6 sections and use castor oil and a conditioner to detangle the hair before I actually step into the shower to wash the hair). I will apply the conditioner to the section and use my fingers to gently detangle each section as well as massage the scalp. The goal is to be able to glide my fingers through my hair, so the conditioner needs to be a thick creamy substance. ( Clarify the hair once a month with a sulfate free shampoo).

Deep Condition with Castor Oil- Once hair is washed, I will use a quality natural conditioner for my deep treatment as well as the castor oil. I will apply the conditioner to each section like before and also apply the castor oil to my scalp and ends. Once I have covered each section, I will use a plastic cap or plastic grocery bag ( you know how it is), and sit under the dryer for 20 to 30 minutes. Once that is done, I will rinse the hair with cool hair. I will alternate with a protein conditioner every other Sunday.

StyleFor styling the hair, it really depends on what I will have to do that day. On days where I know I won't be going anywhere, I will plait my hair into 6 braids. Most of the time, I wear my hair in a bun for a couple of days before I wear my hair in a braid out or twist out. After that, I will plait my hair with a leave in conditioner, shea butter and castor oil and twirl my ends with the shea butter.  I notice that my braid outs or twist outs has better results with butters and oils. I will also try more protective styles.

Night- I've always stayed faithful to my satin bonnet and scarf, so I will continue to do that. I also would like to plait or twist my hair every other day if the hair isn't in a protective style. This is something that I have always done, so I will stick to this routine.  

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  1. I appreciate all your help. My transition to natural hair has been easier that I ever imagined.